AWL’s Vice President speaks about gender quotas

AWL’s Vice President speaks about gender quotas

Australian Women Lawyers vice president Leah Marrone recently spoke to Lawyers Weekly about gender quotas and targets. Ms Marrone said “equity is not inevitable and measures are needed to ensure it is reached.” She added more research will lend to the scale of these issues and the strategies used to address them.

“We must be intersectional in our approach to creating change and ensure alongside gender equality, we work to ensure our profession reflects the broad diversity of our population,” Ms Marrone said. “We need to listen to their voices and follow their lead.”

Ms Marrone added the Law Council of Australia has been on the front foot with plans like the “Equitable Briefing Policy”, “but this is just one piece of the puzzle”.

“We need to question our assumptions of what a lawyer looks like, how we work, what is measured, what is valued and how we can truly assess merit,” she said.


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