Australian Women Lawyers is the peak body for women lawyers associations throughout Australia.

AHRC National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces

AWL and its constituent bodies have made submissions to the National Inquiry. You can read these submissions on our Policy page

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AWL is primarily concerned with issues relating to practice and advancement of women in the legal profession.

AWL also works to eliminate both direct and indirect discrimination against women in the legal system and the administration of justice, so that the legal system is more responsive to women’s needs.

Objects of Australian Women Lawyers

The objects of AWL are to:

 achieve justice and equality for all women

further understanding and support for the legal rights of all women

identify, highlight and eradicate discrimination against women inherent in the legal system and in the community generally

advance equality for women in the legal profession

create and enhance awareness of women’s contribution to the practice and development of law

provide a professional and social network for women lawyers.