Sexual Harassment in the Legal Profession

Australian Women Lawyers, together with its constituent bodies, has prepared a policy paper setting out the steps that are needed to address sexual harassment in the legal profession.

You can download a copy of the policy paper setting out those seven strategies below.

Seven Strategies for addressing Sexual Harassment in the Legal Profession

In short, the steps that Australian Women Lawyers recommends are:

  • 1. Compulsory Continuing Professional Development Point or compulsory training for all lawyers
  • 2. Reporting
  • 3. Model guidance of workplace policies
  • 4. Enable a process of confidential complaints
  • 5. Extending time limits for complaints under the conduct rules to at least 6 years with discretion to open up for historical cases
  • 6. Individual lawyers be required to undertake annually that they understand their obligations
  • 7. Support your local Women Lawyers and Barristers Associations, join them, pay for staff to be a part of them and engage them in consultations