October 29, 2022




The State Government has released its 2015 Women’s Report Card, providing an overview of the progress of women in Western Australia. In her media release dated 18 December 2015, Women’s Interests Minister Liza Harvey said the report, issued every three years, was the latest update of data relating to the status of women.

“The Women’s Report Card shows how far women have progressed in terms of leadership, economic independence, safety and justice, and health and wellbeing,” Mrs Harvey said. “Women’s progress is slow in certain areas; females continue to be underrepresented in leadership roles and are more likely than men to have no savings at retirement. “But other areas have shown improvement including women in senior executive roles in the public sector had increased from about 20 per cent to 30 per cent and there was a steady increase of women in the workforce. “The report provides an excellent evidence base for the policies and programs of government, corporate and community organisations.  By making use of the data, we will continue to concentrate our efforts where they are most needed.”

Statistics from the 2015 Women’s Report Card include:
in 2013-14, women’s average superannuation balances were 38 per cent less than men’s, $83,110 compared with $134,800
in 2014, the gender pay gap for full time employees in WA was 25.4 per cent compared with 18.5 per cent nationally
the proportion of female members on all WA Government boards and committees was 43.6 per cent in 2015
women’s labour force participation rate increased from 43 per cent in 1978 to 61 per cent in 2014.

The Women’s Report Card 2015 for Western Australia is at: https://www.dlgc.wa.gov.au/Publications/Documents/2015-Womens-Report-Card.pdf