NARS workshops – please give us your thoughts

NARS workshops – please give us your thoughts

On Friday 13 March 2015, the Law Council of Australia held a roundtable meeting to discuss how best to respond to the finding of the National Attrition and Retention Survey and, in particular, to share information, discuss the challenges faced by the Law Council’s constituent bodies (particularly those from smaller jurisdicitions) and develop mechanisms to share resources and policies between constituent bodies and firms. As President of AWL, Amy Challans attended that meeting and raised issues on behalf of AWL and the State and Territory Women Lawyers organisations.

A follow up meeting will be held by the Law Council of Australia on 8 May 2015 and Amy is keen to hear from members what they see to be the challenges and what steps they think should be taken (and by whom) to address the issues raised by NARS.

You can contact Amy on 0402 929 302 or Alternatively, if you can’t contact Amy, feel free to contact Vice President Elspeth Hensler on 0407 943 520 or

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