Judge asks where are the women,

Judge asks where are the women,

This article by Katie Walsh which was published in the Australian Financial Review online on 16 April 2015 (and in hard copy on the 17th) focusses on some observations made by Perry J about the paucity of women who have appeared before her in her first 18 months as a judge of the Federal Court. She is challenging law firms and others who brief barristers to practice what they preach and implement policies, such as equitable briefing policies, promoting the full use of the bar.

The article also refers to the lack of diversity in the senior ranks of the profession generally and a diversity snapshot released by the Asian Australian Lawyers Association showing that 3.1{6c0a4e1ac7e55840cfe639ecf4b11dafaf03aa04ee92fd19e6f871f32a3a63fe} of law firm partners, 1.6{6c0a4e1ac7e55840cfe639ecf4b11dafaf03aa04ee92fd19e6f871f32a3a63fe} of barristers and less than 1{6c0a4e1ac7e55840cfe639ecf4b11dafaf03aa04ee92fd19e6f871f32a3a63fe} of the judiciary are Asian Australian, even though Asian Australians account for 10{6c0a4e1ac7e55840cfe639ecf4b11dafaf03aa04ee92fd19e6f871f32a3a63fe} of the Australian population.

To read more, go to http://www.afr.com/business/legal/where-are-the-women-in-the-court-room-asks-federal-court-judge-melissa-perry-20150416-1m0o01

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