Our Members

Constituent Bodies

Categories of membership

1. Recognised Organisations:
These are the organisations listed above as ‘constituent bodies’. An organisation can apply to become a ‘recognised organisation’ where it is a State or Territory organisation with the principal aim of representing women lawyers or women practitioners of a particular branch of the profession. Applications need to be made in writing to AWL. Recognised organisations pay an annual capitation fee to AWL pursuant to a Memorandum of Understanding dated 11 June 2003.

2. Individual Members of Recognised Organisations:
Individual Members of recognised organisations are automatically members of AWL.

3. Individuals who are not members of a Recognised Organisation:
Individuals may apply for membership of AWL. The individual must be eligible for membership of a Recognised Organisation and meet the application requirements for AWL. For further information contact us

Associate Organisations

An organisation which has aims consistent with or supportive of AWL’s objective may apply in writing to AWL for membership as an Associate Organisation. Associate Organisations do not have voting rights. For further information contact us.